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BGOS Toy Drive 2023

The toy drive/ donation at Clinton Grove Elementary School was AMAZING!!! Bridging Gaps Outreach Services Inc. could not have done it without our supporters. We were able to give toys to 43, yes 43 children!!!

The parents provided a list of toys and we were prepared to pick 2 toys from each list. Giving God all the Glory we were able to purchase ALL the items on the lists.

We want to give a huge thanks to: 

  • Alisa Basile Lykens

  • Carri McLaughlin

  • Donja Sanford-Sadler

  • Howard Swiggett

  • Darci Blakely

  • Arther Watson

  • Iantha Dillard

  • Cinia Willis

  • Doris Hall

  • Shay Bussey

  • Lynda Churchill Gordon

  • Cheryl Troutman-Wilson

  • Kimberly Bordley-Jefferson

  • Terra Vinson

  • Cassandra Watson

We want to give a special shout to these supporters who helped to load, haul, and assemble the toys:

  • Daniel Suttles

  • Carla Tolson

  • Dani Sharp

Thanksgiving Mission 2023

Bridging Gaps Outreach Services Inc. was able to bless 25 families at the Clinton Grove Elementary School in PG County with complete meals of turkey/rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese, cornbread dressing, collard greens, sweet potatoes, and dinner rolls. 


We want to thank Cinia Willis, Terra Vee, Patricia Vinson, Wallace, Desiree Tolson, William Tolson, Cheryl Troutman Wilson, Darci Blakely, and Lynda Churchill Gordon for making the Thanksgiving mission a success. 

BGOS Inaugural Gala 2023


The spirit of transparency I would like to share how your donations were used to make this 2023 SUMMER CAMP possible:

Monday Theme: Ready, Set Let’s Glow!! We had the Glow Party! We had a variety of games, music, coloring sheets, dancing for prizes, as well as cookies, chips, and pizza for snacks.

Tuesday Theme: What’s Cooking? Motivational and Cooking internet sensation with TikTok celebrity Jordan
Ramsey! Jordan talked with them, encourage them, and inspired them. We made buffalo chicken dip, a fruit dip,
and the real spinach dip!!

Wednesday Theme: Hawaii Day at UCAP Shelter! We had so many games like hula contests, Limbo, ring toss, and other games. We made Slurpees and slushies! The children participated in arts and crafts and tasted different fruits and vegetables, along with several finger foods.

Thursday Theme: Field Day! We had all sorts of relay games and races, as well as a lot of prizes and
trophies, given for the wins and the “best try’s” (Every child received a trophy or medal). UCAP has an amazing outdoor playground and open field to run around like crazy! There was a Book signing with Author Adrian Jones. I read this book to the children, and they loved it! Each child in attendance received a signed copy of her book.

Friday Theme: Fitness ADVICE w/ Celebrity Trainer Madison Chase! Madison gave us some great pointers on what to do, as well as advice on how to change your eating habits. We also did a children’s sip and
paint. Canvas, paint, and homemade slurpees, and snacks were provided.

We closed out the summer camp week on Friday 6/30/23 with McDonald’s happy meals for every
child! Wow, what a week!

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